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Natural Plot Options

We offer two types of plots for Natural Burials or Ashes Internment:

WOODLAND PLOTS - we have a variety of tree species, which are planted directly on the grave. A woodland area will encompass several years of planting and then be allowed to grow into a more mature wooded area.

WILDFLOWER MEADOW PLOTS - we have an open meadow area where wild flowers are planted and offer a stunning bloom from Spring through Summer. A memorial tree can be planted close to the meadow are but not on the actual grave site.

Our memorial tree species are native to the region and most commonly found in our local woodlands


The Field Maple tree is a pollution fighter, autumn stunner, syrup maker. The field maple is a sturdy broadleaf which supports caterpillars, aphids, and all their predators, all while resisting air pollution.


The Lime is at home on a country estate or deep in the wild, this lime is common in name only. It’s a hybrid between the small-leaved and large-leaved lime, and is a particular favourite of aphids and their many predators.


Bane of witches, diviner of the future and producer of jam, rowan is an elegant tree with a mystical history. Its leaves and berries are a favourite for wildlife in woods and towns alike.


Beautiful blossom and a bounty of bright red fruits. Wild cherry , one of the prettiest native trees, is relished by gardeners and wildlife.


Pretty, pale, a symbol of purity. This common tree, with its silver-white bark, is favoured by gardeners who want to renew and purify their land for coming year.

Should I choose a Woodland or Meadow Plot?

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