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What is a natural burial?

A natural burial is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial that forgoes harmful chemicals and non-biodegradable materials.

Natural burial, also commonly known as green burial, takes place in a meadow or woodland setting, putting the planet and people first.

Here at Tithe Green Natural Burial, we offer an extensive range of natural burial solutions, including full burials and ashes interments, that represent an affordable alternative for those wanting to mark their passing in a way that causes a minimum of harm to the planet.

We have two stunning and peaceful sites available, each with its own beautiful woodland and wildflower meadow locations that support local wildlife, biodiversity and ecosystems.

Preserving existing nature

Woodlands, meadows, orchards and farmland can be protected by using shallow graves, biodegradable products and eco-friendly memorial plaques.

Beautiful resting places

Natural burial grounds are beautiful, life-affirming places to remember lost loved ones, where you can connect with nature and celebrate the continuing cycle of life.

Offset carbon emissions

Through planting trees in remembrance, you and your loved ones can give back to nature and offset carbon emissions.

Alternative to the traditional

Natural burials represent an appealing alternative to traditional cemeteries that enable people to feel closer to nature.

It’s how our ancestors were buried

Prior to the Victorians making what we now think of as ‘traditional’ burials more popular, most people were buried in a natural way, using simple wooden coffins and shallow graves.

Only biodegradable products are used

No toxic materials such as concrete, plastic or metal can be used. Products used are made from organic and recycled materials like palm or banana leaves, other plant materials, unfired clay, salt or sand.

Nature, Earth


We take measures to protect and improve local habitats, by raising colonies of bees to encourage the pollination of wildflowers, and having wildflower-planting days.

Green Products, Eco-Friendly Products


We only allow biodegradable coffins and shrouds, and our memorial plaques are carved from Welsh slate rather than overseas marble.

Tree Planting, Plants


We plant trees native to the Midlands for you to remember your loved ones. These protect the local ecosystem’s biodiversity and prevents soil erosion, while absorbing up to 40kg a year in CO2 (roughly 93 miles in a petrol-powered car). (4)

Where can I find a natural burial ground in the UK?

Tithe Green currently operates two natural burial sites in the East Midlands, each with its own woodland and wildflower meadow settings.

One site is located at Oxton in Nottinghamshire, with the other being at Ketton in Rutland.

This makes our sites particularly convenient for those living in and around Nottingham, Leicester and Peterborough, although you can choose to use our site and services regardless of where you live.

Our Locations

At Tithe Green Natural Burial, we do things differently.

Our natural burial grounds are beautiful places to remember your loved ones, connect with nature, and celebrate the continuing cycle of life.

Owned by the Sherbrooke family for nearly 500 years, and first opened as a natural burial ground in 1999 – making it one of the oldest in the UK – we are dedicated to conservation and preserving the land for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions