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Memorial Plaque


Memorial Plaques 

To mark the memory of your loved one, why not gift or buy a commemorative memorial plaque? 

All our plaques are carved from natural Welsh slate and will represent a beautiful and lasting way to remember a special person in a stunning countryside location that is supporting all kinds of wildlife and boosting local biodiversity.

Here at Tithe Green, we have two sites containing stunning woodland and wildflower meadow sites that are easily accessible from Nottingham, Leicester and Peterborough,  where your memorial plaques can be located. 

Choose from:

  • Tree Plaque: 210 characters count (7 lines maximum of approx 30 characters each)  
  • Grave Plaque: 480 characters (12 lines maximum / approx 70 characters)

Once you have made your choice and checked out, you will receive an email with a link to a form to fill out with the necessary details for the plaque. All plaques will be digitally shared by email for review and approval, prior to the final plaque being produced.

Please note that our personalised memorial plaques require approximately eight weeks to create once approved.

Memorial Plaques for Graves

Grave plaques are a great way to mark the final resting place of a lost family member or friend without leaving any lasting negative impact on the environment. 

When you choose to remember someone at a Tithe Green site, you’re also helping us to support local ecosystems and biodiversity, including planting wildflowers and trees, and raising bee colonies to support the UK’s declining bee population. Our aim is to preserve the land’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife for future generations to enjoy

Memorial Plaques for Ashes

Whether you’re burying ashes in a biodegradable urn or scattering them in order to return them to the soil, our memorial plaques mean you’ll always have a place to visit to reflect on a special life, connect with nature and enjoy time spent in a beautiful and tranquil spot. 

Please call us if you would like to know more about our ashes and grave plaques, otherwise you can place your order online now.

Once you receive your confirmation email please make sure you click the link at the top and complete your booking form.

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