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What Happens Next

Burials or Ashes Internement


Once you're loved one has passed please contact us do discuss your needs. You can find our contact details here.


For burials most people will still want the services of a Funeral Director. They will liaise directly with us to arrange dates. You can find a list of local funeral directors here. It is not essential to use a Funeral Director, but we do advise you research this before making any decisions. The Natural Death Centre are a good source of advice.


For Ashes interments it is not necessary to involve a funeral director, you can make arrangements directly with us.

What should I expect on the day

Natural Burials

For Burials you can choose to have  a graveside service or you may prefer to have a service elsewhere before the committal. Most people choose to have a celebrant lead the service, but this can also be done by the family. Your funeral directors will advise you about this, or contact us. The service is usually a simple gathering around the grave, where your loved one is remembered and maybe some of their favourite music is played.

Ashes Internment

Meadow interments -  A member of our team will meet you and take to the prepared site.  We’ll discuss your requirements on the day, but generally we will assist you in placing the ashes and leave you and your family to have space for reflection.   


Woodland Ashes interments . There will be a number of places available for to choose from when you arrive. If you have a specific place in mind, please discuss this with us in advance of your booking.  We place the tree and the ashes together and then plant the tree. We actively encourage the help of children and family members with the tree planting!

What paperwork do I need?

For Burials we do require formal paperwork before we can proceed. This will be dealt with by your funeral director. If you are not using their services, please contact us to discuss the requirements.


For ashes interment we require a copy or the original of the cremation certificate, this can usually be found with the ashes. You can bring this with you on the day.

Traditional Burial Cost

Traditional Burial

UK average cost burial fees: £2,200*

Cremation Cost


Average Cost: £3,765*

Direct Cremation, Direct Cost

Direct Cremation

Average Cost: £1,657*

Wicker Casket, Wicker Coffin

Green Burial

Burial at Tithe Green starting at £1,675

Nature, Earth

Ashes Internment

Ashes internment at Tithe green starting from £700

Burial Fees Explained

These fees are only for the burial portion, they do not include funeral director fees.

Natural (Green) Burials

Green burials popularity grows due to affordability, plus it doesn’t use toxic embalming chemicals and uses biodegradable caskets. 

26% increase in eco-friendly funerals in 2017 according to Sunlife’s survey. Plus, 45% of local authorities are considering developing new sites in the next 5 years. Whereas in 2019, 68% weren’t even considering it. (5) 

COST: As outlined above, it is one of the most cost effective options